Founded in 1816

Harrison Township

Zoning Department  740-927-8277

Roads Department  740-927-8280

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Ben Patterson
Road Superintendent

(740) 927-8280

The Ohio Revised Code has a classification system which divides all roads in the state, and establishes the entity responsible for maintaining them. Generally speaking, roads are maintained by municipalities, townships, counties, or the state. Further, the road department is charged with maintain, construct, improve, reconstruct, or resurface roadways. 

We are proud of our road department and take great pride in the township’s 47+ miles of roadways. With this being a primary duty of the township, we are diligent in our maintenance of the streets. If fact, this has become a calling card of the township, as we feel that our roadways and the road department’s maintenance is second to none in central Ohio. Please feel free to contact our road department with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Applications may be submited on line as an attachment of an e-mail to Ben Patterson at or faxed to 740-927-8284. Applications  may also be dropped off or mailed to the Harrison Township Road Department at 6750 Outville Road,
​Pataskala, Ohio,  43062.

Refugee Road in Harrison Township

Applications for Township Road Work: 

Construction Right of Way -Click Here 

Request For RW Work Application -Click Here

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The following Harrison Township forms are available for you to print out,
​fill in and mail or deliver to the Harrison Township offices. When you click on the form you wish to use, you will pull up a PDF format form that you can print out. 

The Harrison Township offices are located at:

6750 Outville Road, Pastaskala, Ohio 43062

Phone: 740-927-8280